Holistic massage 

Holistic massage is a relaxing treatment that aims to restore balance within the body, taking into account the person's whole being not just their physical symptoms or ailments. Each treatment is guided by the principles of sensitivity and awareness and is therefore tailored to the individual needs of the client. Holistic massage can relieve tension, reduce stress, aid the removal of toxins through increased lymphatic drainage, and promote a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. 

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage targets the deep layers of muscle within the body and the fibrous connective tissue (fascia) that supports and protects the muscles. It focuses specifically on reaching below the superficial muscles and fascia to release muscle tension and chronic knots (or adhesions). It therefore involves a greater degree of intensity than a more relaxing Swedish massage.

Over time, deep tissue massage can break down and eliminate scar tissue that has built up from previous injuries or overuse. It also helps to relieve tension in the muscles and fascia by removing toxins. Other long-term benefits can include: pain relief, improved flexibility and suppleness, and improved mobility and posture.

Holistic massage
(30 min/65 min) £22.00/£35.00

A bespoke tissue massage that promotes improved circulation, aids removal of toxins, relieves tension and stress and restores balance within the body.

Indian head massage
(45 min) £27.00

A relaxing massage that helps to improve the circulation and relieve tension in the neck, shoulders, scalp and face. Can be performed fully clothed and seated.

Deep tissue massage
(65 min/90 min) £35.00/£48.00

A bespoke treatment using slow, intense deep tissue massage techniques to penetrate the deep layers of muscle and release chronic tension. Whilst deep tissue massage should never hurt, you might experience some slight soreness after a treatment. This is quite normal and shows that the treatment is targeting the areas of tension effectively. I adapt the massage accordingly to suit your needs and adjust the pressure through regular communication. Choose between a 65-minute or 90-minute treatment.

Pregnancy massage
(30 min/65 min) £22.00/£35.00

A relaxing massage performed in a side-lying supported position. Alleviates some of the physical discomforts associated with pregnancy and promotes a sense of wellbeing. For further information please visit my blog post on pregnancy massage.

Back polish and massage
(65 min) £35.00

Exfoliation of the back to soften the skin and remove dead skin cells, followed by a back and shoulder massage.
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